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No monkeys, No worries

If someone asks you if you want to save money, usually the answer is a resounding yes. I cannot speak for everyone; but, for most of us, the cost factor is at the top of our priority list.

When it comes to saving money in the home buying process, the first thing is to make sure to get a thorough home inspection. While there is a nominal fee involved,(particularly if you want the job done correctly) the long-term savings will surpass that one-time payment for a detailed investigation of your future home.

With a home inspection report, you gain a clear picture of any issues that could not only be unsafe but also add to future costs for you. For example, there may be missing roof tiles, incorrect wiring, or even “monkeys in your crawl space” according to real estate agent Matt Hume. (Driscoll) While your inspector cannot tell you if your next-door neighbor is a good one, he can provide you with peace of mind when it comes to the integrity of your home.

Read this recent article by Matt Driscoll to get some more insight regarding the importance of getting a home inspection.

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