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Do I need a termite inspection?

A very common concern for home buyers in South Florida is whether or not there are termites in the home. One of the many things I look for during the inspection process is for any proof of termites or termite damage. If evidence of insect wings or wood damage is found, for instance, these findings will be noted on the inspection report in addition to my recommendations on how to proceed further.

I have come across many homes that have some sort of termite infestation. One inspection that I will never forget is where over 80% of the attic structure was infested. While the buyers were upset to learn about the condition of their potential home, they were grateful that they took the necessary steps to get their home properly inspected. Whether the damage is prominent or more subtle, any type of infestation would require a licensed termite inspection company to further investigate the damage. This company will most likely suggest to have the house tented and fumigated. In the end, you will be able to ensure that your future home is safe for you and your family.

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